Color Coding DNA Matches

You can color code any match and link it to your tree. When you discover a kit descends from a particular family or person in your tree, use the kit view to color code it. 

  • Open the kit view by clicking on the node or kit in any view. Then click on the pencil icon. 
  • Click on the Match tab.
  • Choose the type of match. You can tag this kit to Someone in your tree, a descendant of a couple in your tree, or in the family of someone in your tree.
  • Start typing the name of the common ancestor and select them from the drop down list. You must tag the kit to a person or persons in your tree to color code the kit. 
  • Next, you may choose the a color for this node. By default, blue codes for your paternal paternal line; green codes for your paternal maternal line; red codes for your maternal paternal line; and, yellow codes for your maternal maternal line. However, you may choose lavender, aqua, fuchsia or teal. This allows you to highlight particular people or lines and choose colors you can see if you are color blind. 

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