Kit View: Basics

Where the other views compare kits, the Kit View shows information about individual kits. The Kit View is a particularly powerful tool for DNA analysis. From the Kit View you can record notes, source and other informationview the Chromosome Browser, color code and match kits to your tree, import MiniTrees so you can identify common ancestors, use a Navigational Fan Chart to see your closest common relative and navigate to your tree, filter your matches, and analyze a group of matches.

1. Open the Kit View, in the right side bar, by clicking on a kit number or node in any of the other DNA Views. 

In the Kit View, you can see: 

2. Information attached to the kit when you imported it such as contact information for the kit owner, gender, Y haplo group, Mt Haplo group, type, source, and url. 

3. After the kit is matched to your tree, you will see a Navigational Fan Chart showing the closest common relative in your tree.

4. The Chromosome Browser is automatically generated when you import your segment data. This highlight which segments on which chromosome for this kit match with your own.

5. And the kit owner's MiniTree if you have uploaded it. Not every kit owner provides a MiniTree, but if one is provided you can download the MiniTree. They are very helpful for finding common relatives.

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