What to do when you find a bug in the software

Unfortunately, we're not perfect. There will be bugs in the software and if you find one, we really want to know! You can send us a message here, or head over to  the RootsFinder Forum. In the forum, you'll find conversations about help, site feedback, and bug reports. We really appreciate it when you help us track down any bugs so we can fix them as soon as possible.

When reporting a bug, it's helpful to include the following information so our developers can repeat the problem and fix it:

  • Exactly what you were doing when the bug occurred...which page you were on, what you had done previously, which browser you were using, etc.
  • What you expected it to do.
  • What it actually did, including any error messages.
  • It's also really helpful if you can include any screenshots and URLs to the page you're working on at RootsFinder.

FamilySearch errors

If you find a bug in your FamilySearch import, please include the following information:

  • FamilySearch ID number for the person you were importing from, if they are deceased.
  • If the person you were importing from is still living (such as yourself), we won't be able to access the information. Instead, please let us know the ID numbers of the nearest deceased relatives we might be able to work with (such as perhaps your grandparents).
  • URL to corresponding page at RootsFinder, if any.

Advanced bug reporting: Console log errors

If you're particularly tech-savvy, one thing that's frequently helpful is to report any console log errors you may see. To do this in Chrome:

  • Right click in the browser window 
  • Click "Inspect"
  • Click the console tab
  • Copy any errors you see there into the bug report

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