Media Storage

To see how much Media Storage you have used:

1- Click on your user-name in the top right hand corner

2- Click on Account

3- then look in the "Plan" section to see how much space you've used and how much space you have left. 

With our Forever Free plan you receive 1 GB of media storage. If you go over that you may upgrade to our Pro Plan for $34.95 annually or remove some of your media from your tree. 

What happens to my trees if I don't renew my Pro Plan?

Public trees under 1 GB remain the same, however you will see ads and DNA tools, GenSmarts will be locked. If you have a private tree or a tree over 1 GB and don't renew your Pro Plan, the tree will become locked and read only by you for 1 year. 

You may change a private tree under 1 GB into a public Free Forever tree by going to "tree settings," and choosing the "Free Forever" plan. You may continue to edit and add information to your tree as before but the dead people in your tree will be visible to the public.

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