Add People to Your Tree

There are two primary ways to add a people to your RootsFinder tree, whether it's an individual, a spouse, parents, or children. 

1. By adding a source containing information about them (through the timeline or web clipper)

To add a new person this way, you'll start from either a person page (then click Add Event/Fact above the timeline) or the web clipper. Then you'll gather all the information contained in the source and tag it to people in your tree. If the person isn't in your tree yet, you will add the new person as part of your data entry process.

For more information see " Add new person by adding evidence" and "Add Events and Facts to a Timeline

2. By adding a person directly to the tree without adding evidence 

If you want to bypass the evidence-based paradigm, you can add someone directly to your tree by clicking the + in any of tree views or relationship sections, then adding the new person's informationl

For more information see " Add new person directly to my tree"

3. Additional option: FamilySearch import

You can also add people by importing them from FamilySearch. To do this, either download additional generations for someone, or use the FamilySearch comparison tool to identify additional family members you want to import.

For more information, we suggest: " Download more generations from FamilySearch," "Import family members from FamilySearch," and "FamilySearch Integration Part 2: Sync with FamilySearch"

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