Adding and Using RootsFinder Web Clipper for Chrome

The RootsFinder web clipper allows you to clip evidence from all major genealogy websites and add it instantly to your RootsFinder tree. To use the clipper: 

  • Add the browser extension for Chrome: 
    • Click "Apps" from the menu at the left of RootsFinder, 
    • Then click "RootsClipper for Chrome"
    • Add the extension
    • The first time you use RootsClipper you'll need to enter your email address and password in order to give the clipper access to your RootsFinder account.
  • Find an item you want to add to someone in your tree
  • Activate the RootsClipper extension by clicking the RootsClipper icon in the browser menu at the top right of your browser
  • A dialog box like the RootsFinder "Add Item" dialog will appear showing the names and events that have been indexed for that record.
  • Attach people to your tree by selecting them from the dropdown list next to "Person" (where it says "Person's name")
  • Verify the information. Remove anything you don't want added by using the X to the right of the event or person's name.

Note: RootsClipper will automatically add the primary event to everyone's timeline if they're tagged. You don't need to add the primary event again. You can verify the primary event type, date, location, and details by clicking Type, Details, and Source in the clipper header.

For example if you're clipping the 1900 Census, a residence event with the date 1900 and thecensus location will automatically be added to the timeline for everyone you tag.

  • Verify the name of the tree you wish to clip this evidence into in the lower left corner of the dialog box.
  • Click Next and review the profile information comparison. (The person's profile is the photo and summary information at the top of the person's page at RootsFinder which you've selected as the primary evidence about their name, birth, and death.) If there's anything new being clipped, you can update the profile summary by sliding the switcher to the right.
  • Click Save. You can now go to the person's page in RootsFinder and see that the evidence has been added, and an image of the clipped website has been automatically added to the card.

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