Hint Settings

Adjusting Tree Hint Settings 

RootsFinder gives you control over what hints you receive to help you grow your tree. To do this:

  • Go to the Hint Settings (accessed from the bottom of the left-hand menu)
  • Select who you want hints for in your tree
    • Direct ancestors only (will not show hints to siblings or collateral lines unless you specifically request hints for someone)
    • People without parents (will only show hints for people at the end of a line, no one in between unless you specifically request hints)
    • Everyone in your tree (you can turn hints off and back on again)
  • Select which sources you want to receive hints from

Request Hints for a Specific Person

When you set up your hint preferences, you may have selected "Direct ancestors" or "People without parents," which means you won't get hints for everyone in your tree. If you find someone in particular you want hints for, you can add them to the list of people you're tracking. 

To do this, click the star icon in the toolbar under the header on their profile page. Click again to turn hints off and stop receiving hints if you no longer wish to track them.

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