Add Media to a Person's Page

To add media to a person's page, click the + button in the upper right corner of the media section of their profile page. Then, in the "Add Media" card:

  • Give the item a title (optional)
  • Upload a file using one of these three methods:
    • clicking the "Select File" button
    • dragging a photo from the file explorer on your computer and dropping the file onto the target square 
    • pasting the photo from the your computer clipboard (ctrl+c, then ctrl+v) into the target square
  • You can crop the image as needed by dragging the little black squares in the corners of the item preview to outline the area you want to keep. Anything outside of those little black squares will be deleted when you save the item to your tree.
  • Provide the item date when the photo was taken or the document was created (optional)
  • Enter the location where the photo was taken or the document was created (optional)
  • Write notes (optional) telling the story behind the photo, its significance, the provenance, any transcription or notes from the back, etc. (etc) using the text editor in the "Notes" section.
  • Tag people by typing their name and selecting them from the list of people in the "Attach To:" section 
  • Click "Save"

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