Getting Started with RootsFinder: Webinars & more

Welcome to RootsFinder! Our goal is to make your family history easy to research and easy to share. 

RootsFinder Webinars

To get the most out of RootsFinder, you may want to watch our webinars: 

You can see all our webinars here:

Tips for Getting Started

Here are some other tips to help you get started researching and sharing your history:

  1. Install the RootsFinder web clipper for Chrome, and use the Chrome browser. The web clipper will save you time on data entry and will help you accept hints from RootsFinder partners. It will automatically copy indexed data from major family history websites; all you have to do is tag people in your tree.
  2. Sync people with FamilySearch so you can share sources, media, and data back and forth, while maintaining control of your family tree. (Read more about FamilySearch sync here:
  3. Add photos and tag people, then make videos telling family stories. You can post your videos on social media to share with your family. It's free!
  4. Grow your family tree by accepting hints from partners, and/or conducting your own research. (The web clipper will be very helpful for this!)
  5. Invite family members to view pages or collaborate on your family tree. It's free, and no registration is required to view public trees.

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