My Tree: Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I have more than one tree?

Yes. You may have as many trees as you like as long as their combined storage requirements don't exceed 1 GB for the Free Forever plan or 10 GB for the Pro Plan.

2.  Can I merge my trees?

No. RootsFinder cannot merge two trees at this time.

3.  Who is the root person of a tree?

The root person is the person you want to see at the beginning of the pedigree. Usually this is you. However, you can make the root person anyone in the tree.

4.  How do I change the root person for my tree?

Click on "tree settings" in the left side menu. In the first box entitled "Personal Tree Settings," delete the current root person's name and enter the name for the one you want. Caution, you must use a person in your tree. If the system doesn't prompt you with a name, the person is not in your tree.

5.  How do I change the name of my tree?

Click on Tree Settings in the left side menu. Delete the current name of your tree in the Personal Tree Settings box. Enter the new name for your tree. Click on the Save button.

6.  Ancestor with alternate parents. How do I make one the preferred pedigree view?

When an ancestor has alternate parents, the pedigree view will have a sideways "s" next to the ancestor. When you click on the sideways "s," the other set of parents will appear in the pedigree view. The system will remember which set of parents you last chose for the pedigree view.

7.  What about living people in a public tree?

Only dead people are visible to and searchable by the public. Living people are visible only to the registered user and those the registered user invites to the tree.

8.  How do I handle an Adoption?

Go to one of the adoptive parent's page. Add the adopted child to the family. Click on the "edit" link above the "spouses and children section." Click on the pencil icon next to the adopted child, click in the relationship field and choose the relationships with the parents.

9.  How do I merge duplicate people in my tree?

Go to one of the duplicate pages. Click on the upside down "y" icon under the ancestor's profile. In the merge window, enter the name of the duplicate person and choose from the drop  down of people in your tree.

10.  What happens when there isn’t a surname or given name?

RootsFinder displays the word "Unknown Unknown" when someone doesn't have a given name or surname. See :

11.  How do I add a story?

Click on the "+" upper right of the timeline and select "Add Story."

12.  How do I add another spouse or child?

You may add people via the WebClipper, by clicking on the "+" in the "Spouses & Children" or "Parents & Siblings," sections respectively or by clicking on the "+" at the top right of the people tab. Please see:

13.  How do I remove someone from a family?

Click on the person or a family member in your pedigree. Click on "edit" at the top of the boxes for  "Spouses & Children" or "Parents & Siblings," respectively. Click on the broken chain link icon by the person's name and click "OK." For more information see:


Navigate to the person's or a family member's page and click on "edit" at the top of the boxes for  "Spouses & Children" or "Parents & Siblings," respectively. Click on the broken chain link icon by the person's name and click "OK."

14.  How do I find someone in my tree?

Click on the People tab in the left side menu. Enter the name of the person in the search box. Click on the person's name when it appears in the People window.

15.  How do I search other trees?

RootsFinder doesn't have a search function yet. Stay tuned.

16.  Can I see a list of names in my tree?

Yes. Click on "People" in the left side menu.

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