GEDCOM: Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I add a GEDCOM to an existing tree?

No. Not at this time. Importing a GEDCOM will only create a new tree.

2.  I imported my GEDCOM. Where are my images?

Unfortunately, GEDCOM files (the format one genealogy platform uses to give information to another) don't include images. We are working on a solution. Stay tuned.

3. How large a GEDCOM can I import?

RootsFinder takes GEDCOMs of up to 75,000 persons and 75 MB. We import all your notes, sources and data. We load your entire tree into your browser when you log in. This makes RootsFinder able to retrieve your files very quickly. We limit GEDCOMs to 75,000 persons because the popular browsers have trouble with larger files.

4.  I can't import my GEDCOM. What do I do if the "GO" button doesn't work?

When uploading a GEDCOM, the "GO" button will only turn blue when there is enough information to complete the process. Please choose a GEDCOM file and name the person you want to be at the root of the tree. The "GO" button should now be blue. Click on the "GO" button. A confirmation email will be sent when your GEDCOM is finished loading.

5. What do I do if my GEDCOM has living people in it and I am creating a public tree?

Living people's data is never visible to anyone but the registered owner of the tree and those invited by that user.

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