Sharing/Media Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I see a friend’s tree?

There are two ways YOUR FRIEND can share his/her tree.

1. Your friend can click on "Invitations" in the left side menu and add your email address. You will receive a email invitation. This will allow you to see living people in the tree.

2. Your friend can send you the url of any dead person's page in their tree. 

2.  How can I share my tree?

There are two ways to share your tree.

1. Send the url of any dead person's page in your tree to your friend or family member. That person will be able to see all the pages for dead people in your tree. You can't share the url of a living person. It will not work.

2. Click on "invitations" in the left side bar then click on the "+". Enter your invitee's email address and determine if he/she can edit or view only. Invitees can see living people in your tree.

3. How do I share my video/slideshow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

Go to the Media wall by clicking on "Media" in the left side menu. Find your video/slideshow and click on the sideways “y” icon in the bottom of the photo or slideshow. Select the social media platform you wish to use.

1.      For Facebook, you may enter what you want to say and a description, and choose to whom it will be displayed.

2.      For Pinterest, choose your board.

3.      For Twitter, tweet.

4. How do I share my slideshow video on other social media?

You may download your slide show by clicking on the download icon and storing it on your computer or in your cloud account. To download, go to the person page or your media wall. Click on the tile for your slide show. (It will have a white sideways arrow in a white circle in the middle of it.) Click on the download icon in the upper right of the slide show window and select where your want to save your MP4 file. You can display your slide show anywhere that takes MP4 files.

5.  How do I show words explaining the images in my slideshow video?

Words can be printed on your images in the video/slide by entering what you want to say in the caption field next to the image in the video maker. By default, the notes attached to the image will be displayed if nothing is entered in the caption field. First, open the video maker by clicking on the video icon and then:

1.Type what you want to say in the caption field next to the picture on the video making screen. The caption becomes the words on the slide.

2. If nothing is entered in the caption, the default is to show whatever is in the notes for the image. To enter notes for the image, click on the image. Select the pencil icon. Enter what you want to say in the note section under the image.

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