Help with GEDCOM Files

When you are uploading a GEDCOM, the "GO" button will only turn blue when there is enough information to go the next stage of the process. Follow these steps:

1-Please name your tree 

2- Choose to make it a public or private tree

3- Choose "import a GEDCOM." 

4- Now, the "GO" button will be blue. Click on the "GO" button. 

5- On the next screen please enter the name of the root person of the tree and select your GEDCOM. The "Go" button will turn blue. When you click on it, your GEDCOM will be imported!

GEDCOM stands for Genealogical Data Communication. It's the standard method for exporting and importing genealogical data from one program to another. Every genealogy program is a little different, since the data structure varies slightly from program to program. RootsFinder allows you to import a GEDCOM from any program, but only data will be imported; any media you've attached within the file won't be imported. We are working on a solution for this so stay tuned.

To export a GEDCOM from RootsFinder, refer to " Export a GEDCOM from RootsFinder"

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