Preparing a GEDCOM file to Bring to RootsFinder

Before you prepare your GEDCOM file to upload at RootsFinder, we recommend you take the following steps to clean up and standardize your data so you can get the most from RootsFinder.

1. Eliminate duplicates

When you're adding evidence with the Web Clipper, you'll want to tag it to people in your tree. This is more difficult if you have duplicates in your tree. RootsFinder does not yet have a duplicates report. We recommend you run a report in your desktop software program so you can identify and merge duplicate people before exporting your GEDCOM.

2. Remove private information from notes

Although RootsFinder is committed to honoring the privacy of living people, we can't identify private information in notes. Before you upload your GEDCOM, please make sure you've removed any personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses etc. you might not want other people to see. 

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